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The deeply felt pain of
losing a loved one

I specialise in working with clients who have experienced

loss and bereavement.


For some, losing somebody close to us is an immensely painful experience. That deeply felt pain of losing a loved one sits firmly at the centre of our heart. Our entire world comes to a sudden standstill. We feel that we cannot live our lives the same way again.

For others, losing someone special is equally painful and sad, yet can come as a relief. A relief that they are no longer enduring pain and suffering. When somebody young passes away, it can be a heart-wrenching shock. For older people it is often expected, sometimes creating a sense of respectful celebration for a life well lived.

These are just some of the feelings of the grief process felt by those who are left behind to witness the passing of family and friends.

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The feeling of loss can be deep, penetrating and long lasting as is often associated with death itself. Loss however comes in many forms and can disrupt our lives with just as much force. We can lose jobs and careers, partners and friends.  We can lose physical attributes such as hair, beauty and libido. We can lose property or money through bad investments or gambling, lose out on opportunities, take wrong turns and make wrong decisions. We can lose ourselves, our belief, our identity.

Perhaps the most profound loss is the loss of all hope. This kind of loss permeates through our soul, leaving us feeling completely on the edge of living a worthwhile life, often leading to suicidal thoughts.

Loss in all its forms can feel devastating.

There is help

If you've experienced a loss or bereavement and are going through the grieving process and need support, I can help.


Seeking the support of a therapist to navigate your way through the grieving process and alleviate the pain is helpful. You may feel any number of emotions during grief, from denial, shock, numbness and anger, to resentment, depression, sadness and hopelessness. These are all extremely difficult emotions to manage but you don't have to do it alone.

My experience with grief is both professional and personal. The process of grief therapy is often a long and winding road. If you feel you need support, please call or message me and we can begin the journey, together.

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