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Boundaries of therapy

It may be a little surprising to think that entering into a therapeutic relationship may come with terms, conditions and boundaries, but the relationship is a contract between you and I, and like all relationships, it will benefit from having clear boundaries in place.  Some conditions and boundaries are set,

and some are negotiable.


Below is an outline of what those boundaries and conditions may mean for you and

your therapeutic journey. 


Fees are charged per session and payable in cash or card transaction on the day, unless arranged differently. Outstanding fees will need to be paid by the following session, for sessions to continue.  Continued non-payment of fees may cause the therapeutic process to end prematurely.


Sessions cancelled with less than 7 days notice incur a lesser cancellation fee.  If the session can be rescheduled, then you would pay just for the session moved, not the cancellation fee.  I cannot guarantee successful rescheduling as it depends on both our availability.  If this is the case, then the cancellation fee still applies.  

Sessions cancelled on the day are charged at the full session rate.

Late arrivals

If, for any reason, you are running late or held up on route, then please let me know by calling, texting or emailing.  Arriving past the scheduled start time means that we will have a shorter session and is still payable in full.  


Late sessions cannot be retrospectively cancelled or rescheduled once the arranged session time has begun.

This would be considered a missed session and charged at the full rate.  See 'missed sessions' for more details.


Differing from confidentiality, your personal details, such as name, address, contact details, and other identifying information about you, is kept securely with me. I  do not share any identifying information with my supervisor.  


Unless I am required to share your identity by law, your anonymity will kept safely and securely with me.

Discounted rates

Discounts available for students of counselling/psychotherapy during the duration of their course.  Should the course end during therapy, then standard session fees apply.  


Discounted rates apply to individual counselling only.

Missed sessions

Missed sessions are sessions that are unattended without prior contact or notice, and are charged at the full session rate.  If you miss a session then we can book an additional session should you wish, charged additionally at the session rate.  It is therefore advisable to make contact ahead of time should you think you unable to attend.

If you need clarification about missed sessions policy, please ask.


I agree to hold our sessions in confidence, meaning that I do not tell others what you tell me from our sessions.  However, there are some exceptions to that:  If I believe you are a danger to yourself or others with imminent risk, then I may involve an appropriate third party to intervene.  If you divulge involvement in acts of terrorism, then I am obliged to inform appropriate third parties.  I, like all therapists, engage in regular supervision where I discuss my client work with another therapist, bound by the same ethics and confidentiality agreements as myself, in-keeping with BACP guidelines.


Right to refuse

I reserve the right to refuse my services wherever I see fit, without giving reason.  Clients under the influence of judgement-impairing substances may be asked to leave the session. Such sessions are still chargeable at the full rate.  I may also turn down enquiring clients if I feel I am not best positioned to serve their needs.  I regularly review client work in-session and reserve the right to end the process where I feel appropriate. 

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