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Expert Counselling & Therapy

Providing you with the emotional support you need.

For individuals and couples ages 16 +

In-person and online appointments.

What type of therapy do you need?

Face to Face counselling

Individual Therapy

Individual, or one-to-one therapy, is an effective way to talk about the problems you're facing. Many people of all ages and backgrounds attend individual counselling to help identify and manage difficult aspects of their lives.  This could include things like communication problems, prolonged sadness, panic and anxiety, depressive or suicidal feelings, resentments towards others, low self-esteem, self-confidence issues and anger management.


You'll be able to speak with me privately without anyone else there, so it's a safe way to explore and better understand your thoughts and feelings.


Talking and working through difficult life situations and feelings, helps to understand, and therefore manage them, better.  My friendly and respectful style will support you during this process, helping you gain valuable insights into your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, to enable you to feel more in control of your life again.

My approach, or style, is to listen to your concerns without judgement and provide a trustworthy confidential space for you to speak freely in, without the worry of saying 'too much' or the 'wrong thing'. You can rest assured that your experience with me will be met with respect, empathy and support.

  • I'll be understanding, friendly and respectful

  • I'll provide a confidential, safe environment

  • I won't make judgements about you

  • you can speak freely without fear of upsetting anyone

  • you can gain insights into your thoughts, feelings and behaviours

  • your counselling journey lasts as long or as short as you want it to

  • you'll be supported throughout

Individual sessions last for 60 minutes and are held weekly until you feel ready

to stop.  Sessions are in-person at my private practice room, or online via

video platform.

Discounts available for students of counselling and psychotherapy.

Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

Arguing and falling out with those we love is perfectly normal. But if you are hurting each other more than you are loving each other, then therapeutic guidance can help.


Counselling for couples is having a third person, the therapist, observe, support and help your relationship for the better. If you and your partner are struggling to communicate well together and want to clear the air in a more constructive way, then couples therapy is the best option.


How can a therapist help?


My role as therapist is to be a neutral mediator, helping you understand each other's perspectives by being observant, supportive and challenging! Arguments and disruptions in relationships often come about because of an unwillingness to understand the other person’s perspective, usually when the other person’s perspective is in conflict with our own. This can feel threatening and you might opt for defence or attack as a way to feel safe, not knowing how to move forward.


Couples counselling helps you both gain the tools you need to see the other person’s perspective whilst feeling less threatened, so you can learn to negotiate and argue in a more constructive way and start enjoying your time together more often.

Couples Therapy
It's important to note a few things about couples therapy...
  • My role as therapist is to support growth and understanding for both parties. I don't take sides, demand agreements or force you to stay together. 


  • You and your partner set the objectives for therapy; I'll help you achieve them.


  • Finally, both parties must want to come to therapy to begin with. It rarely works when one party is forced to attend.​

Couples sessions last for 60 minutes and are held weekly until you feel ready to stop.  Sessions are in-person only at my private practice room.


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Next steps to take

I offer a free consultation call to discuss your therapeutic needs.



Introduce yourself

Get in touch to outline the challenges you're facing with a free consultation call. 


We'll have a brief chat

From here, we'll establish the best way forward for you.


We'll arrange a appointment

Let's get talking

We'll discuss session costs and availability to identify a time and date that best fits your schedule.

You're now in your first session. We'll discuss and explore what you need going forward.


How to find me

Any questions?

I'm more than willing to help.

You can view answers to some of the most frequently asked questions via the link below.

This includes advice on when and how to seek therapy, how therapy works, and how to manage appointments and more.

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