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individual therapy for trainees

Therapists in-training

How will being in therapy help me be a good therapist?


If you are studying counselling/psychotherapy, it is likely that your course requires you to take up a minimum amount of personal therapy. This is hugely important in your journey to becoming a therapist, as you are the main tool in helping others. Knowing yourself well by working through your own personal difficulties helps prepare you well for supporting your clients. 


I have worked with many students of counselling over the past 7 years and it works the same as an individual counselling agreement. I have helped other students:


  • support and increase self-awareness

  • identify and understanding the transferential processes between us

  • navigate the journey of being a student counsellor

  • support personal growth

As you are studying the profession and required to be in therapy for a minimum duration, I offer a discounted rate throughout your study.

Tell me more about how you run your sessions for students.

  • sessions last 60 minutes

  • they are held once per week, every week until you feel ready to stop

  • sessions are in-person at my practice or remotely (online video call/phone call)

  • you can arrange a free consultation call with me to see howI can support you through your course

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