Fees are charged per session and each session lasts for 60 minutes unless arranged differently. Fees are payable in cash on the day, preferably at the start of the session. If a session is unpaid for then this means that the fee is outstanding and payable at a next session, which will be mutually agreed between us. Continued non-payment could put future sessions at risk and may contribute to therapy ending prematurely.

Discounted rates

If you are a counselling/psychotherapy student or on minimum wage income/unemployed, then a discounted rate can be discussed that suit your needs. If your circumstances change during therapy, then we may review your income status and negotiate accordingly. Discounted rates apply to individual counselling only.

Cancellations and missed sessions

Cancelled sessions with less than 48 hours notice are payable in full. Where possible, I will offer the option of rescheduling the cancelled session for later in the week so your payment doesn't go to waste. Missed sessions (arranged sessions unattended without prior contact to cancel) are charged in full and are not rescheduled. I am always happy to repbook the missed session where there is space available, but it will be considered as additional sessions and payable in its own right. If you are unsure about the differences in criteria between cancelled and missed sessions, please ask. I like to be clear about the boundaries that I work within and I find this works best for both myself and my clients, especially where paying for missed or cancelled session is concerned. Therapy works best if the attendance is regular and frequent; continued missed appointments are likely to prevent a strong therapeutic relationship from developing so it will most likely be discussed between us so we can arrange, mutually, a better alternative for working together. This may mean changing your appointment day, rethinking the time of your appointment, or ending the relationship early. Please let me know if you have any planned absences such as weddings, holidays etc, when beginning therapy so these can be worked into the schedule from the start.

Late sessions

If, for any reason, you are running late and arrive past the start time of your session, the session will only continue until the pre-arranged finish time and is still payable in full. It is useful to know if you are running late or have been held up, so please do contact me to let me know. In general, sessions cancelled within the live session time frame or sessions abandonded once started, won't be rescheduled for an alternative appointment later in the day/week and is treated as a missed session (see 'Missed Sessions' for terms).


Talking about personal and sensitive experiences in your life is a delicate matter, and your information and experiences will be heard and kept in a confidential environment. That means that I will not tell others information that you have told me. There are some exceptions to that which are worth noting: Self-harm and harm to others: If I feel that you may be in danger of self-harming or harming others (especially children) as a result of telling me about your feelings and experiences, then I am obliged to pass on this information to an appropriate third party. Acts of Terrorism: If you divulge that you are involved or have information or evidence about others that are involved in acts of terrorism, then I am legally obliged to pass on this information to an appropriate third party. Supervision: I attend regular supervision sessions with a trained professional who supervises my work. This occurs for all counsellors and psychotherapists who are actively practicing. My supervisor is bound by the same code of ethics I am. There may be times when I will need to discuss certain aspects of our therapeutic relationship with my supervisor for the benefit of my own on-going development and professionalism.


Differing from confidentiality, your personal details such as name, contact details and other identifying information about you, is kept securely with me. I do not share any identifying information with my supervisor. Unless I am obliged either legally or from a Health and Safety aspect, your anonymity will be kept safe and securely with me only.

Right to refuse

As with any business, I reserve the right to refuse my services for any reason but especially if I feel under threat; in danger, or if I feel that the client is under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other substances that may impair his/her judgment, affecting the quality of session in any way. The session may still be chargeable in these circumstances, so please do consider the above information. If you think there might be a problem with drugs/alcohol consumption, contact me to discuss the best way forward regarding session attendance. I also reserve the right to turn down potential clients if I feel that I may not be the right therapist to serve your interests. I regularaly review client progress and status as part of the therapeutic process; part of this review also includes whether I think continuing therapy is viable and/or useful for the client and so reserve the right to end the relationship where appropriate.

Terms, Conditions and Boundaries

It can be a little daunting to think that entering into a therapeutic relationship may come with 'terms and conditions', but the relationship is a contract between you and the therapist and like all relationships it will benefit from having boundaries in place. Some conditions and boundaries are set and some can be negotiated.


Below is an outline of what some of those terms, conditions and boundaries may

mean for you and your therapeutic journey.