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What is student mentoring?


If you are a student, or a parent of a student that is struggling with academic life and want to talk through those difficulties to find clarity and a better way forward, then mentoring could be for you. You could be a student at school, sixth-form or university.


Mentoring differs from counselling as it is focussed more on ‘what to do’ and ‘how to manage’ student life, rather than the deeper self-exploration that counselling is designed for. I worked for several years at Kingston University as a specialist student mentor, supporting students to manage student life in a variety of ways.


What exactly does mentoring help with?

These are the areas that mentoring can help with:


  • interpersonal problems with peers and tutors

  • gain a better understanding as to what is expected of being a student at school or uni

  • gain the tools to implement a good working structure

  • how to understand and prioritise study projects, coursework

  • how to ask for help from experts and tutors

  • gaining confidence through courageous decision making

  • creating realistic goal setting


Although different, mentoring and counselling can overlap as personal problems underpin practical problems.  If you're struggling more with emotional problems, then individual counselling would be the better option.

I think my child needs academic support, what do I need to know?

  • sessions last 60 minutes

  • they are held once per week, every week until you feel ready to stop

  • sessions are in-person at my practice or remotely (online video call/phone call)

  • you can arrange a free consultation call with me to see how mentoring can work for your child

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