Counselling & Psychotherapy

It is often asked what the difference between counselling and psychotherapy is - counselling tends be more focused work over a shorter time frame whereas psychotherapy is often seen as longer, deeper, and more explorative on-going work, dealing with an array of issues and problems, and the two can overlap considerably.  


Therapy provides a confidential and focused space for you to share difficult and painful experiences; gain insight into how those past experiences impact on your present and future, and help find ways forward towards self-healing and change through acceptance, growth and emotional/cognitive understanding.

Whether you plan to embark on a long or short term therapeutic journey, the relationship between therapist and client is key. Between you and I, our aim will be to develop a strong working relationship and sense of togetherness.  You'll be able to trust that I can treat your issues and concerns with compassion, sensativity and understanding whilst exploring potentially difficult or painful areas of your life.

Student Mentoring

If you are a university student or a parent looking for additional help for your child at school GCSE or A-Level, then private mentoring could be useful for you too.


I currently work as a specialist mentor at a local university, helping students with mental health difficulties work with planning, structure, organisation, timetabling, referencing and utilising their skills to become more autonomous and self-empowered. ​​  Some of the problems students face with academic work are projects falling off the radar; not knowing how to take on or deal with projects and perhaps ignoring them instead; becoming too embarrassed to ask for help; becoming 

distracted by the demands or social aspects of student life; feeling overwhelmed by the amount of coursework to do; not knowing how to get the best out of the time that is available or simply get hit by the unpredictability of life that makes studying a secondary consideration.

Private mentoring is aimed at all students that might need a little extra help understanding the process of education to enable them to get the best out of themselves and their studies.

If you feel that mentoring could be a benefit, then please enquire for more information about how it could help you. Mentoring sessions last 60 minutes and like therapy, are scheduled weekly in order to build trust, regularity and familiarity. 

The length of the mentoring plan is entirely in your hands however I would recommend a minimum of 6 sessions to allow the process of mentoring to develop well enough.  If you have any questions about mentoring please get in touch to see how it might work best for you or your child.

Couples Therapy

Embarking on couples therapy can often feel like the last resort.  


You may find yourself arguing frequently; blaming each other for things that go wrong or feel like there is little in common between you as perhaps there once was.  Couples therapy is about bringing two, often isolated individuals within the relationship, together.  You may feel that the differences between you are the only thing that you notice and finding similarities would be almost impossible.  Couples therapy helps to provide you with a better way to argue; a better level of communication between you so that you can both find a way to hear each other's differences without feeling personally attacked or isolated from each other.  Respect, empathy and understanding are the keys to making a troubled relationship valuable once again.

Sometimes, couples may visit to see if their relationship is worth saving, or if going separate ways is the best thing for both parties.  Either way, therapy will help you both see your part in your relationship, enabling you to make better choices about how you relate with each other and communicate as a couple.