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group counselling

Group counselling

What is group counselling?


Group counselling is a group of people sitting with each other, talking, listening and discussing a specific subject together. If you are looking to engage in a therapeutic process but would prefer to be part of a larger group, then group counselling could be the best option.  


In group therapy, people of all ages and backgrounds come together under one 'roof' for one common, shared reason.  Some participants prefer to listen more than talk, and vice versa, so there is no pressure to have a speech prepared.  As the therapist, I will lead and manage the group as a whole, ensuring the safety of all participants.

Groups I run are online only and consist of approximately 10-15 people (though some groups can be smaller).


Why is it helpful?

Hearing that other people have gone through similar experiences to you, can feel reassuring that you're not alone. Often, hearing other people talk about their lives can help you share yours, leading to feelings of unburdening.


Will I be made to talk?

Absolutely not! My role is to facilitate the group, manage the participants for the benefit and safety of everyone that is present. Each group dynamic is different. There will always be some that are more quiet than others, and those that like to talk more. I aim to keep things balanced. 

What problems can I talk about in group counselling?


Group sessions are arranged by topic. Here are some examples:


  • grief and bereavement

  • sex-based issues

  • anxiety

  • male related issues

  • stress in modern life

  • infidelity in relationships


What else do I need to know about group counselling?


Each group topic runs for 8-10 weeks. It's not essential that you attend every session, but it is advisable in order to get the most out of the overall experience.​

  • sessions run for 2 hours

  • they are held once per week, every week for 8-10 weeks

  • sessions are online only via video link

  • if you're interested in group session generally, register you're interest using the button below

  • check my website for updates about what and when the next group is

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