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What is couples counselling?


Arguing and falling out with those we love is perfectly normal. But if you are hurting each other more than you are loving each other, then guidance can help.


Counselling for couples is having a third person, the therapist, observe, support and help your relationship for the better. If you and your partner are struggling to communicate well together and want to clear the air in a more constructive way, then couples therapy is the best option.


How can a therapist help?


My role as therapist is to be a neutral mediator, helping you understand each other's perspectives by being observant, supportive and challenging! Arguments and disruptions in relationships often come about because of an unwillingness to understand the other person’s perspective, usually when the other person’s perspective is in conflict with our own. This can feel threatening and you might opt for defence or attack as a way to feel safe, not knowing how to move forward.


Couples counselling helps you both gain the tools you need to see the other person’s perspective whilst feeling less threatened, so you can learn to negotiate and argue in a more constructive way and start enjoying your time together more often.


It’s important to note a few things about couples counselling:


  • My role as therapist is to support growth and understanding for both parties. I don't take sides, demand agreements or force you to stay together. 


  • You and your partner set the objectives for therapy; I'll help you achieve them.


  • Finally, both parties must want to come to therapy to begin with. It rarely works when one party is forced to attend.

What else should we know about couples counselling?

  • sessions last 60 minutes

  • they are held once per week, every week until you both feel ready to stop

  • sessions are in-person at my practice

  • you can arrange a free consultation call with me to see how couples counselling can work for you

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