Martin Dewberry

How I Started

I discovered counselling as a second career after spending a number of years in both the gaming and hospitality industries. Having lived through my own difficulties, these experiences led me to train and pursue a career in counselling and therapy myself.


Qualifications & Training

  • BA (Hons) Integrative Relational Counselling

  • AQA Level 2 Counselling Skills

  • Gestalt Workshop - issued by The Dialogue Consultancy

  • Introduction to Personality Disorder - issued by the Institute of Mental Health (NHS Nottingham)

Professional Membership

I am a Registered Member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and abide by their Ethical Framework.  I am insured and in regular professional supervision, which provides me with the support I need to continually support my clients.

I'm also a registered provider for CIGNA Healthcare Insurance.  If you're a member of CIGNA and wish to use them to fund sessions, please let me know when you inquire.

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How I Work


Engaging in therapy with me at my home-based practice consists of an hour-long session each week where I will listen closely to what want to say and what you need me to hear. Therapy with me means that I will honour you as an individual member of the human race, engage therapeutically and work collaboratively with you in order to help you find your own path.  I believe that working strongly together will help you discover a new way forward towards an independent and autonomous existence.  


The relationship that we build and develop between us will be the key to that success.  I am particularly interested in areas such as addiction, self-identity, sexual-identity, the power of acceptance and the relational dynamics between the adult, parent and child ego states.

I am trained and work with an Integrative approach using a wide range of theoretical models to help shape me and my thoughts in relation to you and your process.  As we navigate and explore the conscious and unconscious we will endeavour to unpick unhelpful behaviours, beliefs, processes and assumptions you may hold, to help enable you to find a different way of being in relationship to both yourself and others.


Working from home means that you will meet with me in both a professional and personal setting.  I have a designated therapy space from which I work, and I'm sometimes accompanied by my dog, Harry, the Beagle.  The presence of dogs in a therapeutic environment can have a calming and reassuring influence for some people, especially those who experience dogs as a beacon of safety and security. However, I also appreciate that not all of us have had safe, trusted or positive experiences with dogs in our life; I can arrange Harry to be absent from the therapy space should his presence pose a potential  difficulty for your therapeutic journey.


What to expect from your first session...


Make contact


Finalise payment


Arrange an appointment


Talk through what's troubling you


Arrive at arranged time


Complete personal data forms

What else?

Presenting Issues

I work with a wide range of issues in a variety of ways...

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My Practice

Sessions can sometimes include my dog, Harry...



Individual; couples counselling and student mentoring...



Speaking confidentially is vital in building trust and respect...